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Internet Scavenger Hunt

Working in teams of 2-3, students will research aspects of Anzac Day and the First and Second World Wars in more depth by completing the scavenger hunt. 

1. What does ANZAC stand for? 
2. What does Anzac Day commemorate? 
3. What are some of the symbols used to commemorate Anzac Day? What does each symbol represent? 
4. Where is Gallipoli? Locate it on a map. How many days did the campaign last? 
5. What were living conditions like at home and at war in 1915? 
6. What is propaganda? What is conscription? 
7. What was rationing and why did it exist? 
8. Choose one of the following war heroes and briefly describe their involvement in the war: John Simpson Kirkpatrick Albert Jacka Edward `Weary’ Dunlop Vivian Bullwinkel Edward `Teddy’ Sheean 
9. Choose two Dickin medal recipients from past and present conflicts. Record the name of the recipient, type of animal, date of award and reasons for receiving the award.