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Anzac Story

Discussion Questions 
1. What is an ANZAC? 
2. What did Jake’s great great Uncle Rufus have to do to become an Australian soldier? 
3. How old was Rufus when he joined the war? 
4. Indigenous Australians weren’t even considered citizens of their own country. Discuss as a class what this statement means. 
5. Approximately how many Indigenous Australian men were enlisted in the First World War? a. 80 b. 800 c. 8,000 
6. How were Indigenous Australians treated by their fellow soldiers?
7. What did Donna discover when researching for her history project on Ngarrindjeri ANZACs? 
8. How did Donna and Jake’s cousin Victor say goodbye to Rufus in a traditional way? 
9. In your own words describe the role Indigenous Australians have played in wars. 
10. Describe what ANZAC Day means to you?