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Student ICT Agreement

Welcome to Area Two's cyber safety and responsibility online course.

This term we will be exploring how to contribute to online learning resources safely and respectfully.

Useful websites

Area Two - Safe Cyber Agreement

1.     If I have my own user name, I will log on only with that user name. I will not allow anyone else to use my name. I will keep my password private.

2.     While at school or a school related activity, I will inform the teacher of any involvement with any ICT material or activity that might put me or anyone else at risk (eg bullying or harassing).

3.     I will use the Internet, e-mail, collaborative resources and any ICT equipment:

3.1.  Only for positive purposes

3.2.  not to be mean, rude or offensive, or to bully, harass, or in any way harm anyone else, or the school itself, even if it is meant as a joke.

4.     All personal electronics, including mobile phones and entertainment devices will be handed in to the front office before class.

5.     I will go online or use the Internet at school only when a teacher gives permission.

6.     While at school, I will:

6.1.  access, attempt to access, download, save and distribute only age appropriate material

6.2.  Access, attempt to access, download, save and distribute relevant material directly related to my learning.

6.3.  not attempt to get around or bypass security, monitoring and filtering that is in place at school.

6.4.  not damage computers, computer systems or networks.

6.5.  Furthermore, if I discover any methods of causing such 
damage I will report them to the teacher and I will not demonstrate them to others.

7.     If I accidentally access inappropriate material, I will:

7.1.  not show others

7.2.  turn off the screen or minimise the window

7.3.  report the incident to a teacher immediately.

8.     To ensure my compliance with copyright laws, I will download or copy files only with the permission of a teacher or the owner of the original material.

8.1.  If I infringe the Copyright Act 1968, I may be personally liable under this law.

8.2.  Plagiarism is unacceptable. Therefore I will use any downloaded material in an appropriate manner in assignments, listing its source in a bibliography and clearly specifying any directly quoted material.

9.     My privately owned ICT equipment/devices, such as a USB/portable drive I bring to school is covered by the Use Agreement.

9.1.  Any images or material on such equipment/devices must be appropriate to the school environment.

9.2.  Only with permission from the teacher will I connect any ICT device to school ICT, or run any software (eg a USB/portable drive).

9.3.  This includes all wireless/Bluetooth technologies.

10. I will ask my teacher’s permission before I put any personal information online. Personal identifying information includes any of the following:

10.1.               my full name

10.2.               my address

10.3.               my e-mail address

10.4.               my phone numbers

10.5.               photos of me and/or people close to me.

11. I will respect all school lCTs and will treat all ICT equipment/devices with care. This includes:

11.1.               not intentionally disrupting the smooth running of any school ICT systems

11.2.               not attempting to hack or gain unauthorised access to any system

11.3.               Following all school cyber-safety strategies, and not joining in if other students choose to be irresponsible with ICTs

11.4.               not to vandalise school equipment and software and to report any breakages/damage to my teacher.

12. The school may monitor traffic and material sent and received using the school’s ICT network.

12.1.               The school may use filtering and/or monitoring software to restrict access to certain sites and data, including e-mail.

12.2.               The school may monitor and audit its computer network, Internet access facilities, computers and other school ICT equipment/devices or commission an independent forensic audit.

12.3.               Auditing of the above items may include any stored content, and all aspects of their use, including e-mail.

12.4.               If I do not follow cyber-safe practices, the school may inform my parents/caregivers.

o   In serious cases, the school may take disciplinary action against me. My family may be charged for repair costs.

o   If illegal material or activities are involved or a criminal offence is suspected, it may be necessary for the school to inform the police and hold securely personal items for potential examination by police.

o   Such actions may occur even if the incident occurs off-site and/or out of school hours.