Activity: Scaling down the Solar System

Scaling Down the Solar System

Before Viewing
How big is our solar system? If we scaled down the solar system to fit into a sports field, how big do you think the Sun would be?

Do you know the name of the biggest star in our solar system?

Can you name all of the planets in our solar system? How many are there?

As you view...

The Sun is huge. How big does Bernie, the presenter, say it is?

Watch how Bernie demonstrates the scale of the solar system in a sports field.

The hypergiant star, VY Canis majoris, is many times bigger than the Sun. How much bigger is it? What is the meaning of its name?

After Viewing

Construct a model of our solar system showing the relative distances between the Sun and planets.

Create an interactive poster of our solar system.

Next Steps

Research the giant and supergiant stars that we know about such as Aldebaran, VY Canis majoris, Arcturus and Antares. Find out about their size, their distance from us and when they were discovered.

Find out why Pluto is no longer considered a planet and investigate the current rules for classifying a planet.