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What is a discussion?

A discussion is used to show different points of view on a certain topic. It should include reasons and supporting evidence for each of the perspectives or views. A discussion can be used to share different views or to reach an outcome on a topic that has multiple perspectives. You see discussions every day in spoken form, such as a debate, and written, such as newspaper articles. Discussions are often found in the media about current events, including talkback radio, current affairs programmes and magazines.

A discussion should:
  • Explore different views on a certain topic
  • Give reasons and evidence for supporting your views

Structure of a discussion

A written discussion must also be structured so that the reader can follow it. Most discussions will have a title of heading. This tells the reader or audience the topic that will be discussed. The title is usually neutral and does not show any of the different perspectives or views.
The Introductory paragraph includes the opening statement. This statement presents the topic and gives some general facts about the topic. The author will typically state that there are many different opinions that will be discussed.

The Body paragraphs present the discussion. Each paragraph should address a different perspective on the topic. Each perspective should be supported by reasons and evidence. 

The Conclusion sums up the topic of discussion. Sometimes a final decision is made, and other times there are several decisions made. 

Preparing your own discussion

First, you will need to pick a topic that you want to discuss. Then, you will need to decide how you want to present the discussion. You can write it down, give a speech, have a debate or hold a round table discussion.

After you have decided on your topic, you will need to research the different points of view. It is important that each view is supported by reason and evidence. You may also want to include visual elements if they help make the discussion easier to understand.

Always check your text for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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